Anonymous asked:

That was the one! Too much caffeine. :) It worked great with the text, though if rights are a problem I couldn't guess how that'd work. I'd be interested in a shirt like the old one but I can't say how much that's worth your time if it needs to be redone!

It wouldn’t take TOO long…just a matter of tweaking bits and pieces and just updating it a bit…I mean goodness, the original one must be around 3 or 4 years old now? :O
I’ll have a go with it over the weekend and pop the link up here! :)

Anonymous asked:

Is there any chance you'd submit your old t-shirt design of the caffeine coffee-owl from PatchTogether to Signal6? The former sadly doesn't sell them anymore and I love that design. :)

Blimey, that’s going back a while, I forgot I’d even had an account there, haha! It was this one right?

Unfortunately I gave the rights away to a company I work for, HOWEVER, If you’re really interested, I could redo it and submit that?